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Heated Vest

Heated Vest

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Elevate your cold fishing days with our Rechargeable Heated Vest, it's a real game-changer. With 17 heating sections, customize your warmth for ice fishing or any adventure. Stay warm, stay energized – it's time to conquer the cold!


Material: Polyester & Nylon

Sizing: Mens 

Experience the convenience of our Rechargeable Heated Vest with these exceptional features:

  1. Enjoy one-minute-fast heat, swiftly dispelling the cold and enveloping you in comforting warmth.
  2. Set the temperature to your preference, allowing adaptability to various environments for a personalized experience.
  3. Utilize the easy one-button heating system with three-stall temperature control for effortless warmth regulation.
  4. Benefit from hassle-free maintenance – the vest is machine washable and can also be hand-washed for your convenience.
  5. Powered by a general USB interface, ensure to remove the power supply before washing to maintain functionality.

For optimal care:

  1. Take out the removable charger.
  2. Use a neutral detergent for cleaning.
  3. Opt for a delicate cycle during machine washing.
  4. Allow the vest to air dry for continued comfort and longevity.

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